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Scott Wannberg

Southern California’s one-man poetry volcano, Scott Wannberg’s latest work is the spoken word live recording, April Fools, with Viggo Mortensen and Henry Mortensen. He played the character Bik Schottinger in the film I Heart Huckabees.

Strother Martin’s Private Screening Room

come quick, come crazy
bring the safety razor, the safety net
the dobermans are talking fast behind our backs
about that new strange planet in the sky
that told the border guards it knew us personal
toxic fathers lay down the harsh tablets
will there be a rest period before we reach burnout?
ingenues under the arms
debutantes hiding stilettos in their mouths
all want to be dancing at the beginning of dawn
whenever it is rumored to arrive
come slick, come suave
bring your immune system
we are seeing the first screening of our hearts
in Strother Martin's Private Screening Room
on the dark side of the moon
where the band members go to take five
ten fifteen whatever they can pull
close your eyes, close your notebook
no more questions tonight
the police lights are abdicating
it's anyone's ball game now
go on, put your best foot somewhere, maybe even forward
if you can't find your best foot
any other one just might do
find the soft shoe songbook
memorize your part
the moon is going to shine down on our dragging feet
they got comfy seats in Strother Martin's Private Screening Room
and the projectionist might have gotten kidnapped
or just misplaced
but we didn't come here to hurry
let me buy you some cotton candy
and tell you persuasive lies about anything you need to hear
they got lousy weather waiting around the corner
but we have a few seconds before we have to fly
the planes are stacked up at the airport
and the man with the words can't remember their order
we'll have to improvise
and you always were good at that


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright © 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach