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Marc Olmsted

Marc Olmsted, son of the film, television, and radio actor Nelson Olmsted, holds a Masterís Degree in film and managed to get Timothy Leary to play the head of the FBI in one of his movies.

Son of Kong Is Drowning

This is America and this is the Mutant visiting on X-mas who loves his Father weary of life in the supernatural dawn, his father of asthma hacking into the automobile, his father of old tan skin hung melting from his old skull, goodbye American and father goodbye all forms, goodbye SONG OF KIN SON OF KONG on the last movie hour, dawn comes and one gathers for the nest party, the New Aeon, where things are no longer recognizable, waking in my own room a stranger even to myself...SON OF KONG is drowning I tell my father as he walks into the room and the Skull Island that is America sinks into the Reaganomic horror sea, Kong white monkeyhand holding aloft Robert Armstrong saving his hide, Son of Kong is drowning I say and hold back tears, nothing has changed since I was 5, or is it that all has changed so thoroughly even the past is different...

My father waves from across the street at the bus stop and I look up with my pal Richard and my father is waving goodbye like a TV image and he is so beautiful standing there and our continents drift apart, Father, Father o with yer eyes like dugs grooved by tears, my father waving across the street, his face of remorse, his belly of gravity and overeating, his white mustache of smoke, his white brows of clouds of the imagination, his white vinyl belt of chic Hollywood 70-year-old goofiness on the corner of Van Nuys and Ventura with the entire world in metal constant honkings, hurking, newsstands gasstands dashworks, clever handlers, little malls of a thousand sights of vinyl, ah sweet futurity ah cancer ah paranoia, ah vast open rainy end of all there is to write...


Speechless Spring 2007
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