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Harry Northup

Harry Northup has acted in films directed by Martin Scorsese and Jonathan Demme. He is the author of nine poetry books, including the recently released Red Snow Fence (Cahuenga Press). He appeared with his friend Lane Smith in the films Over the Edge and Blue Collar.

lane died, age 69

there was hetty, who was blonde
& a model
there was dana, who came into the
room when larry had removed his
there was ed, who worked with lane
in “blue collar,” who read to lane
there was david, who produces strindberg’s
charlie, who was in “the sting”
sara, who went with lane
steve, who cared for lane daily, nightly

people outside a tent & horses
roof aslant, berries like bees under-
light on red brick, arm falls
wreckage, saw standing on its blade

circular motion around coffin in light
shooting arrows, royal blue bows
sparkle like snowflakes
body in light curved

black berries, filaments, weathercock
turning, row of yellow flowers
quiet place in straw
through the revolving bridge wires
a hand to guide the human shroud

lights blue mist
lane: handsome a large range of
emotion: anger, rage, mischievous
joyful, protest, happy, bitter, mournful,
resounding & joyous laughter, torment-
ing, rebellious, authoritative, hostile,

vertical, diagonal rockets strafe
the sky, horizontal scarlet
eye of rooster, of hawk
cane hangs on door knob

light shines down, cane falls, scarlet
roses crushed, light shoots down to
the base of a golden candle, rushes
up, lights

flame, thumb, hand, passion, light
horizontal through the door.


film heart

michael mann said "marty is
a friend to all film-makers"

scorsese, demme, kaplan,
godard, bertolucci,
ford, curtiz, walsh, hitchcock.
bunuel, ray, fellini, pasolini,
stevens, wellman, griffith,
those i love
film is a director's medium

film caresses me, holds me,
captivates me,
gives me work, light & heart


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright © 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach