Published by BOA Editions, Ltd., © 2001 by Charles Harper Webb


I wrote a priceless poem, a poem so precious

Burglars broke into my house three times

A day looking for it, and bankers begged

Me to deposit it with them, and women

Clamored for it instead of a ring,

And mafiosi clung like ants to the armored

Car I hired, and my bodyguards

Mugged and strip-searched, but didn't torture me

For fear I'd change one syllable.


I wrote an incriminating poem, a poem

So damning of so many that death threats

Arrived each hour; that police and FBI

Searched my house and car and safe-

Deposit box, with warrants and without,

Whether or not I was there, and attorneys

Begged to defend me just for the publicity,

And everyone I've ever known offered me

Big bucks to cut where they appeared.


I wrote an atomic poem, a poem

So devastating that the government

Begged to store it in a silo for me;

That one reading cured cancer, though

Memorizing it caused leukemia;

That it saw through women's clothes; that traders

In contraband offered missiles armed

With warheads in exchange; that no one

Who remembered even one line could stop shaking. 


I wrote a Top Secret poem, a poem

So classified that not even the CIA

Knew of it (they'd heard rumors)—

A poem the President lacked clearance to see.

Every woman I slept with was a spy.

I couldn't eat a bowl of Raisin Bran without

Chipping molars on some flake-size bug.

The world's future lay in my hands,

And people listened when I said, Don't startle me. 


I wrote a narcotic poem, a poem

So addictive that a single word,

Cut with a hundred neutral letters, sold

For thousands on the street; that junkies died

Of overdoses every day—died smiling,

Died fulfilled; that cocaine, heroin, speed,

Reefer, LSD lost all value;

That no one who heard so much as a prose

Summary could ever get enough.


I wrote a prophetic poem, a poem

So accurate that reporters used it

As a source; that racetracks, lotto,

And all Nevada shut down; that elections

Were abolished—people just asked me

Who won.  Religions sprang up around me.

People booked marriages, divorces,

Funerals years in advance; and no one

Lost a dime if they listened to me.


I wrote an extraterrestrial poem, a poem

So advanced and powerful that lovers paused

Mid-stroke to hear; that lifelong enemies

Dropped their weapons and embraced; that no one

Passed within a mile of the text without

Choking up; that people stopped burning

Coal and gas and oil and wood, and gathered

Near the poem, and rubbed their numb hands,

And opened first their jackets, then their hearts. 

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