Wow! Your site looks totally fantastic, and I like your tough-minded voice in your "Speechless" column. Obviously, it's been my loss for not checking it out more often. I don't do much reading online, except for e-mail, actually. I generally prefer paper, which is easier on the eyes after sitting in front of a computer all day. But I'll have to make an exception for Poetix. 

Did I ever tell you that I studied with Brigit Kelly at Warren Wilson? She was far and away my best and most beloved mentor and is, to my mind, one of the most gifted poets writing in America today, hands down. I think the snake-and-bees image is an ars poetica. It's about what we carry when we write -- the whole history of the language and the generative impulse on our backs. Very, very fundamental. I love it.

Good writing,

Dinah Berland

Speechless Spring 2007
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Tebot Bach