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Ray Lanthier

Ray Lanthier most recently led the Thursday Night Poetry Workshop at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.

Prada Wears the Devil

mirrors on the wall
haunt her
with phantom heavy
a trick of mercury
glosses over
prayers at toilet bowl
to goddesses
who gliding light
as photo flash mock
the gravity of thighs
thick need for feet
and fingers of inches
let out to breathe
point at mounds
of evidence she’s not
the fairest of the mall
a jeer of funhouse
bloat that she’s
not crushed enough
to fit the Prada rack
of small

Marilyn Marilyn
quite contrary
how does your garden grow
with bottle shells
on bathroom shelves
and surgeries that show

her waist supports
bankrolls book deals
and dvds
realtors raise
the curve of
her ass above
beach front
nestle summer estates
and unaffordable
condos in its
bucolic fold
cash cow
grazed on
Thin reels
for her

the contract is sealed
in upchuck and shame
for the lead role
fitted to her
is cast
and with it
the die


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright © 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach