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Elizabeth Iannaci

Elizabeth Iannaci is completing her MFA in Creative Writing at Vermont College and is the survivor of many Academy Awards galas.

At the Film Awards

Downstairs, after the reception,
they are throwing out chocolates.
clearing away what remains
of $10,000 worth of bon bons,
truffles, pralines and buttercremes,
caramel apples, hazelnut
frogs,  milk chocolate turtlesó
making them garbage
with a sweep of an arm. 
In horror, we rescue poundsó
stuff them in napkins and baggies,
crowd them into makeshift boxes
fashioned from cardboard, crammed
into handbags and back packs,
retrieve some for lovers or mothers
or freeze them for later. 
While upstairs, onscreen, the invited
watch AIDS orphans in Africa
steal an existence forged from anger
and Scotch tape, fenders and vagaries. 
They shake their heads at the waste,
lick chocolate from their lips.


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright © 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach