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Carlye Archibeque

How to Find Love at the Movies

If you are a princess best to take the day off
dress down, and find your true love among
the poor but noble street hustlers.

If you are a hooker, best to wait at a bus stop
for a millionaire with no driving skills and a
weakness for damaged women.

If you are gay, give up if you were born before
1980, you will have many good friends, dispense
much wisdom, and die alone.

If you are a family pet, and your family leaves you
with the trusted aunt while they vacation, you will
travel far, but find much love at home

If you are a demon hunter, vampire slayer or
otherwise underemployed, you will find true love
with one who carries the dark mark.

If you are most comfortable alone in the dark of
a movie palace, you will find love everyday, all
you need to do is look up.


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach