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Nearly everyone can remember the occasion when they first met Fran Levine.  And most have no difficulty recalling when and where they last saw liz gonzález. But some Speechless  readers might be wondering who is that guy in the middle?  His face looks so familiar....
In 1969 Hector Elizondo won a Tony for his persuasive portrayal of God in the guise of a Puerto Rican steam room attendant in Bruce Jay Friedman's play, Steambath.  He appeared with Eli Wallach in the critically acclaimed Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's The Price.  His movies include American Gigolo, Garry Marshall's The Flamingo KidFrankie and Johnny, Tortilla Soup  and Pretty Woman, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for his memorable turn as the hotel manager. In 1997 he received an Emmy for his role as Dr. Phillip Watters in the TV drama Chicago Hope. He's an actor who still feels closer to the stage than the movies, and he likes poetry. Imagine that. The occasion is Philip Levine's reading at Beyond Baroque in March 2005.

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