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Andy Brumer, Poetry Flash Contributor

Andy Brumer is a poet, writer, book and art reviewer living in Alhambra, California. He is also a frequent contributor to Poetry Flash. His reviews have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and many other publications. The author of Turtle, a collection of poetry, he also writes seriously about golf, the topic of his two forthcoming books. The Wild Parrots of L.A. was originally published in readings + conversations magazine.

The Wild Parrots of L.A.

Another week that
might dissolve in writing.

Clouds could
descend and end this

but where will I go at 2?
And who will turn the
radio back to the jazz station?

When I drove into
at 3 in the morning,

I felt the heat and the dark
were mine until the others
woke to use them.

Now my dreams
had better guide me more wisely
through the day.

This is what the wild parrots of L.A. told
me as their murky shade
flapped its flesh over Alhambra.

There was dignity
in their
gawk and glide,

and I believed
what their big-beaked leader
told me.

Reading Jung

I read Jung
and drink my frozen orange juice.

I call them poems,
these letters written to myself,

though I let others read them.
When half of me

into the juice

I remember
Ill never be whole.

Im feeding memory
and Vitamin C

to a darkness
as healthy as light.


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach