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Denise Roman

Bleeding April

you came like oil fire,
melted the auburn of a vanished kiss.

Gun bled, I turned away
and ran, ran,
toward forgetting,

where shell creeks
flooded, salty,
our deceived tongues.

Do not come back!
Iíll damn you,
drag you into my underworld

of mouthless, eyeless, wingless fairies.
Float into the bleak hollow
the iris in the sky has opened for you.

Tell them,
your sleepwalking baptized Vedic gods,
that I will drug you with my blackened love.

Oh, you, twister dervish,

I am no longer your broken glassó
you, Bittersweet, Tailless Lizard,
my Hungry Ghost!



Denise Roman was born in Bucharest and is the author of a monograph on Romanian arts, popular culture, and everyday life, Fragmented Identities, published by Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield, 2003, 2007. She is also the author of a fantasy novel for children, Maria Dracula (signed Alice Rose), translated and published in Romania in 2007. In 2008, her poem "Bleeding April" was published in Italian translation in the Rome-based Poeti e Poesia. Denise is a member of the Authors Guild of America.

The Romanian castle in the photo you passed through to get to this page is thought to be the inspiration for Dracula's castle.

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