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Marilyn Robertson

What Happened That Night

Lada Alekseychuk, Cinderella's Shoe

As he was packing to leave me,
I threw my nightgown
on the passenger seat of his car.

I slipped it off, like a nylon shadow,
my pale skin liberated, illuminated
in the moonlight, like a satellite

of a satellite, which is how
I was starting to feel, myself a body
visible only by reflected light, his shape

a shadow moving in and out of sight
behind the blinds, the backbeat of drawers
and doors banging, hangerís liquid

slides a music playing as I waited
in the darkness. Let him leaveó
Iíd had it with him anyway, his sullen

moods, his unreasonable demands.
He told me he never wanted to see me
again. Well, heíd see me, all right,

heíd see me. Iíd like to see him find
a way not to see me. Iíll be the moon.




Marilyn N. Robertson has been studying poetry with Suzanne Lummis since 2006. She has been a participant in the Summer Poetry in Idyllwild, a featured reader in "Viva Poetry," the library poetry series leading up to Lummis Day, the Festival of Northeast L A, and at the Light the Sky poetry series in Eagle Rock. Her work will appear in The Poetry Mystique, to be published by Duende Books, and is included in the book, Chopin with Cherries, A Tribute in Verse.

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