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Suzanne Lummis


No poems from the Editor in Speechless, but here are three poems at Enskyment.org:

"Everywhere I Go There I Am"
"Hurrying toward the Present"
"Medusa Depressed"




Writer's Statement

Play a little game where you survey all the arts and attempt to identify what they have in common at their best, or near best. Take dance, take acting, all right then, take poetry. What might you notice?  Exquisite control that produces the sensation of spontaneity.  Years of preparation, training, and deep absorption of craft—resulting in the appearance of effortlessness. (Actors scoff—or at least ought to—at those lay people who say: "Acting's not hard. Everyone's basically an actor". Oh yeah?  Let Mr. Knows-So-Much memorize written dialogue and then, in the ultra-naturalistic, in-close medium of TV and film, try to speak those lines as if they're just now taking shape in the mind.) 

So that interests me, the possibility of control combined with a sense of moment to moment creation,  an immediacy. I'm also concerned with pace and how the poem moves, zinging and twisty—like that little ride called "Mighty Mouse" at long-gone Playland at the Beach—or headlong down the page.  But I like slow moody poems, too, that take hold like a potion or come up from under—an immersion, a suffusion. I'm not saying I can do it, but I like it. 


Speechless Spring 2007
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