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Eugene Manlove Rhodes

"Charlie Graham," which appeared in the Land of Sunshine Magazine on April 18, 1896, hails the last actions of a dying miner.  It was Rhodes first published poem.

Charlie Graham

From the cliff that frowns beside
Amargosa’s bitter tide,
            Charlie Graham’s signal light
o’er the desert parched and born
Flamed its nightly message down,
            “all is well! good night! good night!”

From the shadows, gaunt and gray
Charlie Graham, where he lay
            Dying, by his beacon light
With his last strength and breath
Flashed across the Valley of Death—
            “All is well! good night! good night!

Where the farthest slopes are dark
One is waiting for the spark
            That should kindle on the height;
Shows her child the sudden star
Where love’s message gleams afar—
            “All is well! good night! good night!”

Low she croons a cradle song,
“Sleep, my baby, not for long
            Shall the mine from home delay him.”
Sleep, poor mother! dream and rest,
With your babe upon your breast—
            All is well with Charlie Graham!

Speechless Spring 2007
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Tebot Bach