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   "Throw Out the Old Way of Thinking"
   by Rachael McCampbell


Spring 2006


Special historical feature in conjunction with Northeast L.A.'s June celebration of early Los Angeles arts and culture.

L.A. Poetry Then & Now
Great Salutations
Eugene Manlove Rhodes & Charles Fletcher Lummis. Around the turn of the century the roughriding Westerner and budding writer found in Lummis a publisher, demanding editor, and lifelong correspondent.

Guest Star Joyce Jenkins presides over this issue's Guest Star page wherein she deepens our knowledge of Poetry Flash, and introduces a selection of poetry from associate editor Richard Silberg, and the Flash's assistant and contributing editors.Poetry
Essay The Mystique of the Difficult Poem, Part 2 of 3, by Steve Kowit
Poetry Goes to the Fights Judging Boxing and Poetry, Poem by David Lehman
Re-Discovered "Carmel Bohemian" poet Nora May French
Anne Silver Award Cece Peri's clever Shakespearean sonnet receives our first Anne Silver Award


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