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Poets' Favorite Movies

Ron Koertge

Here's the list, BUT in no particular order:

Truly Madly Deeply: She loves him (fill in title), then he dies and she's devastated. But he comes back! Oh, my God. Then he and his dead pals get boring.

Humoresque: Joan Crawford gets a load of John Garfield playing the violin of all things. She has one of her pretty boys fetch her glasses and as she squints at him from across the room, we see a blurry JG in a  mirror behind her.

The Audition: Japanese horror flick featuring a guy in a sack. Yikes!

The Conversation: Charles Bukowski once told Gerry Locklin and me that someone with all the facts only seems paranoid. Are you listening, Gene Hackman?

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Worth watching for the colors of the shirts alone. And then there's that dance with the axe.

Kicking and Screaming: Not the stupid Will Ferrell movie, but the other one. The bow hunting line kills me every time.

Metropolitan: Whit Stillman's love song to the tuxedo. Clever as all get out.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia: Warren Oates riding around with a head in a burlap bag. What's not to like?

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Sexual repression galore.

Sweet Smell of Success: Tony Curtis' best film. Also starring Burt Lancaster's glasses.

Ron Koertge taught for three thousand years at the city college in Pasadena before retiring in 2001  (Oh, all right, it just felt like three thousand.) I'm a minor poet and a mid-list author of Young Adult novels, but an ace handicapper of thoroughbred race horses and a relentless movie-goer.  A hundred films a year (in theaters, of course) is about par for me and my wife, Bianca Richards. Movies have saved my life more than once, something a stack of essays never did.


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