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Poets' Favorite Movies

Joyce Jenkins

My first favorite movie is Trouble in Mind, directed by Alan Rudolph, with Kris Kristofferson and Genevieve Bujold . Where Wanda says, "It's good you got together with her; the two of you together almost make a whole person," or words to that effect, and Kris says, "All you got is your friends." I also love corny sci fi movies. Perhaps not so cool to admit. I want to be Captain Kathryn Janeway when I grow up (oops, that's TV). And First Contact, the star-trek movie where the Vulcans first make themselves known to humans and a drunk Earthling Raoul Duke-like character discovers warp drive and schools are named after him for hundreds of years later. And Forbidden Planet (1956) with Walter Pigeon, Leslie Nielsen, and Anne Francis (it's the ID---and the Tempest rolled up into one). And abject tearjerkers like The Horse Whisperer and that movie where Betty Davis goes blind, Dark Victory. And Sigourney Weaver in Alien, though it is terrible and scary at the same time. Love her jumpsuit.  And It's a Wonderful Life, where I think George absolutely gets screwed, but learns to live with it. I love the part where they sing and dance the two dollars into the safe and hope they will copulate and multiply overnight!

And just remembered, my faves Resurrection with Ellen Burstyn and Sam Shepard, Yes!!! I always think that if things get too bad I'll just get a small store in desert Arizona and start a succulent garden as she does in the end---also stars my dear friend and excellent poet and actor Roberts Blossom as her father. (He also plays the grandfather next door who saves McCauley Culkin in Home Alone, which I only  like for the tarantula and Roberts Blossom's great acting; one of the most violent movies ever made!)

Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. A beautiful, true poetry film. One long poem.


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