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S. A. Griffin

S.A. Griffin is a publisher, artist, working actor, and even harder-working poet whose latest book is Harvey Keitel Harvey Keitel Harvey Keitel, with Scott Wannberg and John Dorsey (Butcher Shop Press, Rose of Sharon Press, Temple Man). He is known to millions of Vegas tourists as the mysterious Osiris from the film Luxor Live.


roll titles
music fades up
long shot of L.A.
city of pigs
tall buildings of the lingering skyscape reach up to
the colors of sky that paint the metro and its people

cut to:
montage of shots
zoom in to approach
set atmosphere

cut to:
close ups
extreme close ups

just another city
a street corner
just another Hollywood street corner
laden with twisted dreams and laughing hope

cut to:
pregnant with pedestrians speaking
languages from everywhere
foreign cars belching
American Express Visa MasterCard
Arab oil
all with American blessings

and there is music

the music of impatient auto horns and monosyllable sentiments
by the humming of rushing water rubber tires
and the sounds of construction that never stops
the music is a symphony for a savior
to rise
from the ashes of the asphalt
a survivor
to strut the suntanned streets and sidewalks
the coolest of cool
to walk on water

cut to:
exterior night
a little known place in L.A. called

fresh from somewhere
steps off of the ragged Greyhound
bound to this route for eternity
Othello has Samsonite and bucks bulging from his cock
honey on his lips
blood in his cheeks
and a locomotive breath
soft music in his speech
and angels in his eyes

just like every other innocent ignorant sonofabitch
that ever rode that bus

cut to:
the dawn like an old dog
fetches The Times to the doorstep then
gently rouses the sleeping pigs with an obedient tongue
and rests at the foot of the bed
they have spent the night dreaming of dreaming
it is almost time to step into the picture of day
framed by Pigstreet
where they gather about their televisions
pimping their minds with commercials

this is the birthplace of vision
golden boys
pretty young girls
with smooth soft marble faces that grow old in a span of seconds
where fuck means nothing
and fucking is everything
the home of chrome Goliaths which once ruled
which rolled out of great American cities like Detroit
it is rivers of beer
it is rivers of tears
this is the birthplace of the final flight of hope
and this is where they wait

for prophets to be cut to martyrdom on altars of apathy
for the next great white hope
the next great war that will end everything
except the next great war
the next great reason for living
the second coming
the first
for the enigma of love
they wait for John Wayne
and an America that was never wrong
the next great earthquake that will send California
slipping into the ocean like Atlantis
they wait for hamburgers and French fries
and search for the perfect shake
and they wait patiently for the bomb and one hot wet second of pleasure
and the blinding flash
and the white hot meltdown to god

and the wait for god

and they wait

cut to:
humping his best girl’s picture
with memories of a past
and promise of a future
as the pavement sucks his

the film begins


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright © 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach