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Poets' Favorite Movies

Richard Garcia

Favorite movie moments:

1. The moment in Yojimbo when the hero gets his sword back.

2. When Dorothy opens the farmhouse door and sees Oz for the first time.

3. Laurel & Hardy's dancing in Way Out West.

4. The story about story: The Chamber Maid on the Titanic.

5. The long take on the way to the bank robbery in Gun Crazy. (The original movie not the remake)

6. When Annie Laurie sits on the bed and slips on her stockings in Gun Crazy.

7. The take on the theme of literary talent in Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery.

8. Bill Bo-jangles Robertson dancing in any movie. His dance up the stairs with Shirley Temple.

9. Fred Astair's dancing with or without a partner.

10. The a cappella singing of a Duke Ellington number in The Harmonists.

11. Favorite western: The Hi-Low Country with Woody Harrelson.

Richard Garcia's books of poetry include The Flying Garcias (University of Pittsburgh Press) Rancho Notorious and The Persistence of Objects (both from BOA Editions). He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Warren Wilson Program for Writers. His awards include a Pushcart Prize and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, and the Cohen Award from Ploughshares. He lives with his wife Katherine Williams and their dog Louise on James Island, South Carolina.


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