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Editor's Introduction

Suzanne Lummis "Obsession Obsession"

Poetry (Sung to the Tune of "I've Got You Under My Skin")

Laurel Ann Bogen "Bones Dig This Dream"
C. G. Hanzlicek "Curse of the Starling," "News"
David Lazar "Notes for a Notebook Full of Questions", "Good Idea"
Dan Masterson "Agnus Dei"
Marilyn Robertson "What Happened That Night"
Denise Roman "Bleeding April"
Larry Colker "Babe, You Are Always on My Mind"

Obsessive Film Review

Scarface The Fastest Smackdown and most striking example of the Movie-Review-Turned-Confessional-Poem we've ever found


Suzamme Lummis Somebody Shoot Me before I Post Again: My Yahoo Newsboard Obsession

  Regular Features

Visual Cues  - Nance Van Winckel "Catawampus" / unknown artist "Mother and Child"

Third Anne Silver Memorial Award - Robert Mezey "Please?"

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