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Archive: Ready for Their Close-Up


1/04 Of Connections and Omissions
Mark Wunderlich / Jeanette Clough / Chris Abani


11/03 ABIDING MYSTERY - Three Poems from Best American Poetry 2003

Ted Kooser / Philip Levine / Brigit Pegeen Kelly


10/03 From the Garden of Free Verses


8/03 Haute Ennui Vs. Grand Passion
Pam Ward / Sherman Pearl / Mary Armstrong


7/03 Sense of Place

Chryss Yost / Gina Valdes


6/03 The Rise of the Guy Poets

Charles Webb / David Hernandez

5/03 Eros -- Claro and Oscuro
Stephen Dobyns / Liz Gonzalez


3/03 Ten, Nine, Eight... (Poetry and War)

Jane Hirschfield / Kent Johnson


2/03 Speed

Ellen Bass / B. H. Fairchild


1/03 Street Savvy

Patricia Smith / Willie Sims


12/02 Gentlemen Poets

Richard Howard / David St. John


11/02 Unsentimental Creatures

Rebecca Seiferle / Dick Barnes