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Erica Erdman

Erica Erdman is the daughter of actors Richard Erdman and Sharon Randall and is the author of the book The Apocalyptic Kid (Sacred Beverage Press).

Cinema Vérité

We trust the cameraman to get what he can,
       but the crew isn't even watching.
I play my partner as if he were not there.

Our tiny figures on the monitor
       pitch like coarse-grained crows on a high-tension wire.

When we come to his special effects
       my leading man is filled with admiration,
       and tells me
       to open my eyes.

I cannot stop laughing.
He hisses at me to shut up;
       the camera rolls to a stop and stalls.
We light cigarettes.

Sometimes nothing works;
       we have shot this so many times
       that even our subtitles yawn,
       then reach for one another.

I tell him that I always laugh.
I tell him that he was magnificent.
I neglect to mention the overdubs,
       the post-production,
       or the editing.


Speechless Spring 2007
Copyright © 2007 Published by
Tebot Bach