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Poets' Favorite Movies

Ellen Bass

I've left out some of the classics, including Casablanca, The African Queen, Dr. Zhivago, Singin' in the Rain and Breakfast at Tiffany's, so I could get my list down to these ten:

Sophie's Choice
American Splendor
Paradise Now
The Crying Game
Grizzly Man
The Thin Man
Shakespeare Behind Bars

Ellen Bass has a new book of poetry, The Human Line, forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press in June 2007. Her previous book, Mules of Love (BOA 2002) won the Lambda Literary Award. Her work has been published in The Atlantic Monthly, The American Poetry Review, Ms., Ploughshares, Field, and The Kenyon Review. Among her awards for poetry are The Pushcart Prize, the The Pablo Neruda Prize and the New Letters Prize. She teaches poetry and creative writing in Santa Cruz, CA; Big Sur, CA; British Columbia; Mallorca; and Tuscany.


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